Sunday, August 29, 2010

A visit from the other side....

Well, if this isn't the best way to end a difficult day! I woke to go do some work on the musical at school (yes, it's Saturday, welcome to my world) where I managed set building in one room and students starting this year's senior scrapbooks in the other room. I spent three hours running back and forth giving instructions & taking pictures before leaving to go get flowers for the cemetery.

As posted before, this was Emily's birthday & we always take the girls flowers on their birthdays. As you might be figuring out, each year late August involves starting another school year, and a new musical, as well as spending the two weekends between at the cemetery trying to find peace without our daughters. A busy time.

We miss them.

This week is Emily's 9th birthday & she was our little froggie. Why am I telling you this? Because (here is where it gets good) when we pulled into the driveway after dark at the end of the day our headlights landed right on this cute froggie! We NEVER see frogs in our yard! I do not believe in coincidence. I do believe in God. This had God's hand all over it! Sweet little Emily was saying hello. I have no doubt she feels all the love we send her & she got all the birthday wishes from everyone aware of her this week. I just wish I had time to set my camera to a higher ISO before I took the pictures. The froggie shots are a bit blurry for that reason. Sorry

Now it is my turn to say hello & thanks. Thanks for your wishes & love you sent (mostly on Facebook) and thanks for stopping by to read my blog. It helps me find my strength when I know others are interested or maybe even inspired by my stories. So please leave comments and share your own stories here because I am truly interested! Share my blog with others & invite them to join as a follower.

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