Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Friday afternoon, a week of teacher's inservice to prepare for a new school year has ended. Hours of sitting listening to speakers tell us how to relate to our students and make our lessons relevant to today's culture followed by more hours of listening to administrators go over changes from last year and opening day procedures took its tole. The week had its highlights. I got to spend a day with my fellow drama teachers playing games and sharing stories. The food was good, the friendships were better. I think I might be ready.

Tomorrow is my oldest daughter's 15th birthday. Not your normal birthday, she passed at 31/2 years old. Remember the blog a few weeks ago about my daughter loving books so much she wanted to be a library? I saw this at work the other day in the library & naturally thought of Cheyenne.

My sweet boy, only four years old and never having met his older sisters (unless perhaps it was before he arrived) sensed my sadness and expressed his wishes that his sisters would come home and make me happy again. I assured him that he made me happy. He is so good about taking care of me and making sure my computer battery never runs down and that I get enough rest. So for a while I took a break and we played with his toys as I joyfully introduced him to Yoda and R2D2, explaining that Yoda did not need a gun to fight the enemy. He used his light saber and the force within. He totally got it.

After working the freshman orientation in the morning I will go buy flowers, arrange them in some sweet fashion that reflects our rainbow (Cheyenne) and join my husband & son for a trip to the cemetery where we will meet other family members to remember (as if we ever forget) our sweet Cheyenne.

We will go have dinner, recharge our batteries, and do it all over again next week for our second daughter, Emily. For now I try to keep my head above water with everything I have to get done before school begins Monday. Lesson plans, set design for the musical, classroom set up, etc...some is done, some will not be, but "it's all good".

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