Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy 8-9-10!

So all day today I was sitting around, relishing in the laziness (otherwise known as boredom, & no, I was NOT really relishing in it) trying to think how I might find a way to document this one-of-a-kind day. It's 8-9-10. This only happens once in a century & similar sequences only 12 times in a century. I'm not a mathematical kinda person, but I am a person who believes everything happens for a reason. There is order in the universe. So I celebrate days like today.

I was also sitting around thinking it's Monday. Bench Monday. ...and my last Monday off for the summer. I go back to work next week, though I've actually been going twice a week for some time now. What could I come up with for the Bench Monday shot? I have time to think, unlike the next many Mondays when I will be rushed to get a shot up before midnight.

I knew pretty early on it would be an 8-9-10 shot. D2 wanted to go outside in the 90+ degree heat & play, so I grabbed my camera thinking I'd be lucky to get anything worth using. Thank God for Photoshop! I got some shots in, and some training time on my CS5 software, and something unique for 8-9-10 Bench Monday.


Marie Weichman said...

And at 5:06 and 7 seconds it was

Beth Crocker said...

Ah! Good one!