Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good Riddance 2011!

2011 was NOT a good year to my family, so farewell to that & on to a new, more promising year! That said there are always things to celebrate, & 2011 was no different in that respect. I had amazing photo sessions with wonderful people, great students at work, and my son prospers daily. That last thing alone is enough to celebrate! Here are a few highlights of those moments. THANKS TO ALL who contributed in making the year easier, and thanks to all my blog readers for your continued support! Happy new year & may God shower endless blessings on each of you all year!
 Meet Teak, named for the strength of the wood. He was going to be born with spinal issues that caused the docs to tell his parents to terminate the pregnancy. Obviously they were wrong. He has the issues, but he's doing great! He's one & walking!

 Styx ...enough said ;)

 Working on our new house.

 Got to meet Brian Stokes Mitchel (thanks Chuck!)

 Our little guy graduated from pre-school!

 We got two new kittens! Meet Oreo!

 David started swimming lessons!

 Little Ellie (my name-sake) turned 2!

 My twin, my friend, & my brother.

 Worked on my sister's new house.

 Went camping

 Played with friends...

 David started Kindergarten!

 Texas wildfires...

 Holidays with the family!

Here's what the JV Players did at Jersey Village High School this past year...
Broadway stars Chuck Wagner & Andrea Rivette working with my students.

And the best for last.... some of my wonderful clients!