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From Brenda & Sammy:
sammy and i were so excited to have some of our pictures on your new website! what a huge compliment! not only did u honor us with this pleasant surprise. but; your photography for our ENTIRE wedding weekend was awesome!!!
fyi: the compliments and accolades on what a wonderful wedding we had keep pouring in...some say it was the (locally) wedding of the decade!!! and you're a part of that! 
...and to have one of your pictures of us chosen as the covershot to a local newspaper's special edition on weddings-to be honored thru 7 counties on the FRONT PAGE!!!!! WOW!!!!!!
b4 i discovered your work: we checked out a few other photographers. i was apprehensive about them; they had all these hidden fees-u truly had to read the fine lines-or-a simple package and budget of $1000 to $1500.00 could've turned into $3000.00 to $5000.00 really QUICK!!!!! for just the service and only a portion of the reception!!!! 
after sammy and i met w/u prior to our wedding date (even though i've know u for years). 
he was sold! 
WE were sold! 
i hate taking pictures!!!! i always have. i just have a weird phobia...i hate what i look like-i'm one of those pain-in-the-a^%!
no-not trying to get a compliment-it's just a "thing" that i do!
i digress; beth-u made it soooooo comfortable for me; a huge relief. sammy and i were soooo relaxed on the most special day in our lives...which is damn good compared to all the other drama we tolerated-what a relief!
u were not a part of that-u were a treat!!!!
and your assistant cory! what a hoot and a relief!
my make-up artist fell thru at-the-last-minute; i was sooo flipped out! and didn't know what to do!
and there he was!!!!!
my bridesmaid said-"no make-up "
and i told her-almost in tears, "yes. and i am soooo nervous and shakey; i don't hink i can do it."
and cory was w/u taking shots and said-"U need somebody to do your make-up?"
he was outstandingly fantabulous!!!!!
so delightful and a good sport...helpful and fun!!!
u did good bringing him along---HE did good!
cory was the one who pointed out how my hubby was such a willing model. 
easy to work with.
...my hubby really enjoyed posing for u! he really was a natural! a true ham! i can't get him to stop telling me how good looking he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the angles of the shots and the focus not just on the bride-but "everything"-we truly have memories of "all" the hard work that went into our day!
sammy and i started to work back in november of '08 on wedding plans; and when u work that hard-it's great to see it...to remember it in this platform; a unique, emotional, unusally graceful plus humorous display of our family, friends and passions-we can truly say we had an artist behind the lens! 
by-the-way; did i mention that beth not only covered our ceremony; but our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner; and we still have "after-the-wedding" shots! and the cost was PENNIES-compared to the wannabes-that are out there to rip u off!
i plan on these shots in my dress and sammy in his favorite cowboy duds; probably leathers...
we plan on going down some country backroads deep in the woods of texas around autumn; and having fun w/that long dress' train...thru the grass and leaves...the woods.....down a country road...an old covered bridge...a barn....by the river....riding a horse...at a friend's saloon-etc.....gazebos...a really cool couple of southern mansions....u only get married once. why not? and when u pay for and lose weight to wear a beautiful dress like i have.....i don't think it's against the rules of wedding etiquette; to wear it just one more time!!!!!!
what fun!!!!!!!! 
thank u, beth.
u rock!!!!
and we also get to call u, friend!
what a great experience!!!!
brenda bearkat argo-soto 
samuel anthony soto
eagle lake, texas
the goose hunting capital of the world!

From Julie Speed...

Wow! our session with you was a godsend! The pictures of my family were great! To have that lasting moment of us together will be something all of us will treasure! I think you were meant to pursue this career! It was so easy! It really showcases us as a family....someday you'll be a roaming photog! I was so pleased at the results! From the sexy redhead...it'll (picture) go on the top of our fireplace of our historic Victorian..forever. Accolades!
Julie & Austin Speed (ellis)

From Carian Parker
   OMG! I LOVE my pictures! Thanks so much for getting just what I wanted! I will tell everyone about you & one is already going to be calling you. Thanks so much!

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