Friday, March 29, 2013

Finding life after loosing a child...

It's been nearly 2 months since my last blog... wow, that sounds so cliche! February & March are filled with highs and lows. My birthday, our theatre competition, & springtime in Texas are the highs, but the lows are as low as you can get. My daughters passed during these months. Emily in February, & Cheyenne in March. Very dark time for me, especially this year. It's been 10 yrs since we last held little Emily, a major milestone, & as the 14th year passes without Cheyenne we also are faced with the fact that Cheyenne would have been a senior this year. No prom. No Sr. portraits (difficult for a photographer in me). No graduation.

Grieving is necessary. So is choosing when to grieve.

But sometimes you get blind-sided, and this year I got hit hard.

So, to counter attacked the pain, I focused on the highlights of these last weeks and here they are: The Rodeo, & a contest performance with my students... first, the Rodeo!

Nick & I enjoyed the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo with two very good friends, and former theatre students, Andy Dawkins (aka Mikey) & Jeff Chumley. Styx was the guest performance that night, so of course we went in honor of Cheyenne. She used the song Come Sail Away to tell us she was leaving us, and Lady to let me know I was hers. Go here for that story & more shots of another Styx concert we went to.

Next I took my students to the annual UIL One-Act Play contest where we performed scenes from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Shakespeare's work is my passion, and we had a blast! Individual awards were received for their performances and we were the only company in 10 to get a full house standing ovation! YAY!!!!!!! 
(Disclaimer: our set had been taken to the contest sight, so these shots are with the rehearsal set, ugly!)

passing time in the dressing room at contest before our show goes up... 

...and the AMAZINGLY supportive parents of my students! Apples don't fall far from their trees, & these parents are the reason my students are SO WONDERFUL!

So now I will fill my next few months with more theatrical productions, photo shoots with clients, and fun in the fair weather of springtime with my beautiful little boy. Loosing a child is indescribably tormenting, & that never goes away, but love is real. Love is permanent. The love I have for my girls will never die. I am honored to have been their mom.