Monday, July 1, 2019

May the 4th Be With You Wedding

My Godson and his beautiful bride were married on May the 4th. Yes. It's a Star Wars thing. Cassidy and Whitten were quick to let us all know "it's not a themed wedding". The fact that the bride was representing her favorite story, Harry Potter, and the groom rep'd his fave, Star Wars, didn't make it a themed wedding at all... nor did the Yoda-spoken "Save the date, you must." cards. I can go on, but you get the idea. So it was not a themed wedding, just subtle hints of the things these two are passionate about. I don't think I need to tell you how fun it was to photograph the wedding! 

I mean, for starters, the bride's color was my favorite! BLUE!!!

Her grandma was the coolest lady there!

...and my handsome Godson, Cassidy was her groom.

They were married in a fairytale venue in Virginia. Greenock Manor dates back to before the civil war, and provided a perfect backdrop for all the moments everyone was capturing! The ladies dressed in private rooms, the wedding party stayed on site in the guest rooms. Lighting was beautiful in the rooms, making it easy for make-up artist Cory Gressett to make each girl a princess, and the bride a queen! Chanel, the owner, was as charming and helpful as anyone could ask for! Such lovely people, such a lovely experience!

Dad and bride had their moment upstairs, outside the rooms of this beautiful historical manor.

Did I mention the bride loves the Harry Potter story? She & her bridesmaids carrie wands! The fresh flowers were brilliantly built onto the tip of the wands, and each girl carried the wand that chose her.

Cassidy's groomsmen all wore Star Wars socks, but there will be more on that later... to honor her son's choice, The groom's mom wore a dress based on one of General Leia's dresses. 

The ceremony was outside, under the trees. and simply beautiful.

I think maybe Chewbacca came in disguise?

These two ladies casting floral spells on each other are sisters of the groom... and they are each employed by branches of our military. They REALLY ARE fighting warriors!

I love the sentimental touch of having a memorial table to include those family and friends who have passed away.

...did I mention the Star Wars socks?

The details everywhere at this wedding were stunning.

The groom and his "Gamer Guys"

The bride and the "Gamer Girls"

There is something so inspiring about weddings... hope for the future of love!

I stole the wedding couple away for a quick retreat and time alone with the camera.

Did I say every detail was perfect?

Just when you thought it could not get any more beautiful, the evening revealed her true colors!

...and so did Cassidy & Whitten.

Did I mention the groom's party had Star Wars socks? They had cigars too. I think Han would approve, but the wookie... not so sure... 

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Let Me Introduce You...

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to...
Stetson Walker!

If you have not heard the voice on this amazing young man, prepare to be wowed! He's not even 25 yet, and he has a classic country voice that rivals the greats! It's no wonder, either, ...born with a name like Stetson Walker, with his music pedigree, and intelligence that has you hearing him referencing fractals, and divergent thinking in casual conversation, one can't help but be impressed with him. As if that's not enough, I can NOT say enough how humble he is, and what a TRUE gentleman! 

When I got a call from Larry Telford, of the band Point Blank, and he started talking about this new young talent he and David Dickinson were producing, I trusted his judgement. These men have been in the business for years, and have extensive experience in the music industry.

I had been photographing Larry, and the guys of Point Blank fame, for several years, and Larry was calling me to see if I would be available to shoot Stetson's debut album. It was early April, the blue bonnets were out in Texas, and he was asking if I wanted to go shoot a country singer in Austin for a day. ...gee, ...let me thin-OK!

 I had not heard the album, I had not heard him sing, and I had not seen any pictures of Stetson when Nick and I arrived in Austin at Iron Wolf Studios for the first leg of the day's shoot. We were so pleasantly surprised, when David offered to play Stetson's soon-to-be hit single "Say Hello To Goodbye". That was the moment we knew this guy has it!

 That shoot was a year ago, and Nick and I have been working with Stetson's team ever since. I recently visited with Stetson for the purpose of this blog, and I'll share his comments on the new album, kicking off his career, and what it's like being "different".

With 24 other students graduating H.S. with him, Stetson was the only one to not go to college. 
"I was one of those who knew what I wanted to do from birth." Using music to help him pass Physics, he was learning science to help him repair his guitar amps. He was a student who needed to see the relevance in his own world to learn something. 

Stetson has been spending lots of time on the road, doing radio interviews, and performing live, and it can be dangerous... I asked him if he's ever felt unsafe on these travels, and he replied as any 9th generation Texan would...
"I have pretty extensive small arms training, worked with law enforcement, I know how to defend myself." 

I asked him if his pedigree (a very impressive history can be found on his website) helped him get to this point in his career, and if he felt networking is an important part of the process. He explained that rather than just "networking", it's very important to him to develop a working relationship of equal respect, trust, and friendship. I knew, as soon as he said this, why he, Larry, and David worked so well together, and again I knew we were excited to be part of this team. ...and I must say, those boots Larry has on are rockin'!

Stetson's most enjoyable part of the process was when he made the decision to "step up to the plate".

March 3, nearly a year since Nick & I embarked on this journey with the guys, we are celebrating a successful debut album, and all those who helped to make it happen. We gathered in Austin, at Baker Street Pub, and Stetson played and sang some songs, signed stuff, and made a cold, rainy day warm and joyful!

His album, "Let Me Introduce You" is available on all digital music sites, as well as the option of getting the hard copy, cd through his website, Stetson's album has already been "Album of the Month" in the UK, and has had great success on the Texas radio charts. what makes it such a great collection of country songs?

It has LOVE. When your producers include joyful couples like David and Becca, how can your music not have love?!

It has energy! The single "That's Where the Party Starts" has you caving to the urge to join in the chorus and sing with your hands up high!

It has the simple, clean classic sounds of old country, heart-breaks, loneliness, and new love discovered once again.

This album will have you wanting to get your boots and your dancehall partner, and spend the night where the party is!

But to me, what REALLY makes this album is the last song, a turn from the rest of the album. It takes me back to the true classic country records that always ended with a little something more humble, ...more spiritual, if you will. Stetson's rendition if the gospel song "I Was There" stops me in my tracks. It reminds me that the world is so much more than any one of us, and it moves me.

Needless to say, Nick and I are having fun, taking pictures, making new friends, and living our dream of sharing the joy that is in us all, by supporting the amazing work that is Stetson Walker.

You can follow Stetson on Instagram, Twitter, and his Facebook fan-page, and you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @Rainbowsnfrogsphotogrpahy for more on Stetson! If you are already a fan, please let us know in the comments here what pulled you in, and what you love about the album!