Sunday, December 11, 2011

I won the lotto & I have no time to collect!

Well... kinda. OK. Not really. I feel like I won the lotto because I've had so many GREAT sessions with clients, and things are going fine in life (generally speaking) recently. I'm closing out the last weeks of a year with Focus 52, and in the middle of Picture the Holidays, both Flickr groups that I'm active with. The problem is, I have no time to enjoy it! When do we say "Enough! Stop the blessings"? NEVER! Bring them on! I feel like I've been blessed each time I book a new photo session, get my son to clean his room (OK, I help), or just get something REAL cooked for my family. I shoot pictures everyday, this month at least, but no time to post or share. In the last couple months I've shot two weddings, several families, produced a play, and hosted out of town family. It's all about to happen again. Here are some highlights:

Tonight I will be going to the annual Worldwide Children's Candle Lighting Memorial. Each year, on the 2nd Sunday of December we light candles at 7 pm in each time zone, wrapping a wave of light around the world for 24 hours, in memory of our children. So tonight is dedicated to my girls, Cheyenne & Emily. I hope to catch up on my blog posts soon. I really want to share the great play we did at work, To Kill A Mockingbird, and I know that after tonight I'll have some more shots to share.

Enjoy the quick look & come back for more. I'll be blogging about the Texas Renaissance Festival, our last play, the candle lighting tonight, and more! All in the next week I hope! Thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment if yo fell like it. I love reading them!


Diana said...

Love the holiday images. Great blog. Met you in Pic the Holidays!

Beth Crocker said...

Thanks for visiting Diana! I am enjoying the PTH group and your work is lovely!

Jan @twoscoopz said...

I've been enjoying your work all week!
I hear you though ... I'm starting to feel a little rushed ;)