Saturday, August 14, 2010

My dad once said...

Chose your future wisely. Life is, at absolute best, 80% mundane. That's what my dad said to me when I was teaching middle school freshly out of college & not too happy about it. The chores & obligations of daily life don't change just because you are doing one thing rather than another. You still have laundry, bills to pay, a floor to clean & groceries to get.

I realize of course that many people have the privilege of getting others to do these things for them, but let's face it, most do it themselves. I am one of those. If I am lucky I can get out of the house alone, leaving the boy with my husband & getting some ME time while I do the errands. But then there is that 80% that kicks in. On those occassions I take my son with me because he wants to go. This means we spend much more time at the stores, I'm constantly saying no, & convincing him that he does not really NEED that package of cookies or ice cream, and we need to say goodbye to the fish now so we can finish our shopping.

 The bribery (yes, I do that) of one toy at the end of the shopping if he behaves is in full throttle the entire time. Today we started at the shoe store. I need a new pair for the new school year. He was happy to help me choose which pair.

I walked out with nothing. 80% mundane, but that other 20% was sure fun watching David play! Then we headed to Hobby Lobby for some school supplies. I love that store just for the cool stuff they display.

So does David. Especially the mirror isle.

Another 20% excitement added to the total. Ultimately we ended up at Wal-Mart. Groceries, toys, & more 20% excitement.

Total for the day? When you add in the 20% of fun conversations I shared with my four year old I'd say it's more like 80% fun. If you choose wisely, like I did.


Carolee said...

I LOVE Hobby Lobby! They have such neat stuff!

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Carolee said...

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Melissa said...

You take awesome pictures! I LOVE the pictures with the mirrors! So cute and so innocent.