Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Importance of Sisterhood

Yesterday I spent my day getting my batteries recharged. I knew I was scheduled for a dinner date w/ a couple girl friends, Huli & Shelly, but first I took my son to the pool. We do this (the pool run) once or twice a week, but today I noticed so many girl groups. Usually we have the pool to ourselves since it's SO HOT these days & no one wants to go out, not even to the pool. With summer coming to a close very soon I guess everyone wants to get in those last precious days. I could not help but approach these great groups of the sisterhood, & get permission to take their pictures. Women come in all shapes, sizes, & colors but we are all sisters.

 Girls are the women of the future. What does that mean you ask? Well, simply put, (& I paraphrase a well known quote) when a man finds himself basking in the glories of success there is always a woman sitting behind him quietly smiling & leaving it at that. Women know this, girls are learning it. Watching the younger group run & play, bonding in sisterhood, discovering that they have friends who understand no matter what, reminded me of years (OK, decades) gone by & my own wonderful young friends.
When the older group of girls arrived, then later joined by a couple more, I watched as they sat in the pool quietly chatting about college registration, getting ready to move out on their own, and other topics. Again, this took me to those days when I said goodbye to my own sisters in friendship, and only later did I come to understand that parting does not mean leaving. 

My friends & I are now women in our upper 40's & older, & we now know that we are never too far away to recharge the batteries for each other. Meeting for drinks is just an excuse to do this.

It might be a phone call, a Facebook post, or a dinner date, but we sit, chat, laugh, comfort, and support each other. Until we are ready to get back to our daily lives and face the challenges that come with being a woman.

 Then we part, this time knowing that we are not leaving.

Show me your pictures of your sisterhood groups! Post them in your comments here or link them here.


Theresa said...

Fabulous pictures as always Beth! It's amazing what you are able to capture with your lens that the rest of us mere mortals would never think of!

sMacThoughts said...

OH golly, I need a sisterhood group; really do not have one, but am having a nice twin time now, and look forward to these rare occasions (which I know you can relate to!) whenever they come!

Beth Crocker said...

Yay for twin time!!!!

Juliana said...

I love my "sisters in life". The circle just keeps growing...sometimes a few drop away to make room for more...and that's okay too.