Sunday, August 22, 2010

Finding strength as a bereaved mom.

My life is good. Not perfect, but knowing what others deal with it's hard to complain. The worst thing I've lived through? The death of two of my three children. My third, a son, is my joy, my medication, my gift.
I am one with a strong faith in God. Not RELIGION, but God. I know there is a greater plan, I know everything happens for a reason, & I trust in these things. My girls were beautiful, sweet, & smart. I was lucky to have known them as long as I did, & lucky to recognize their "visits" to this day.

This is the week of their birthdays. One week apart, and six years, they never met on Earth, but I'm sure are together in spirit. My son is four now and beginning to understand it all. We spent the day at the cemetery yesterday and I felt comfort in the knowledge that he wanted to know his sisters, and I felt JOY in the discovery that his compassion for our pain and his desire to make us happy was so strong.

Next week we do it all over again for our second daughter. Life goes on. Not the same, but still full of joy. One day we will truly be the family we planned: all together as one.


Mare said...

You always know how to comfort me Beth! Your post was perfectly stated and exactly how I feel about my daughter. WE will all be a family one day with God. Hugs Beth.

Megan H. said...

Thinking of you this week and next. Many prayers your way. Thanks for sharing :)

cpm said...

Through everything you have gone through in your life, you are a very strong person. You have looked at grief in his horrible face and made it through completely. You have found peace. May God comfort you and be with you all your days.

With Love!

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget the dream I had 3 years ago about Cheyenne's visit. Thinking of you and your family.



Pryn said...

Keeping you and your family in my thoughts, prayers and heart Beth. Your photography is beautiful and I love your family collage. Sending you giant hugs!

helloholley said...

I can't even imagine your pain! Know that God's plan is perfect for you. Your precious girls are now gate keeper's to Heaven, where one day you will hold them again....but for now, Jesus holds them for you and they are made whole and kept perfect forever....My heart ache's for you and your family! Know that someone you don't know prayed for you today!

Lori said...

God Bless you, your beutiful Princesses in Heaven and your Handsome son! And thank you for sharing, reminding all of us that gifts are not to be taken for granted, but loved and cared for as if they could be gone tomorrow. Many prayers during your difficult weeks and beyond.