Friday, August 6, 2010

Lonely Lenses & Lonely Toys

I have a bad habit of collecting things that I think are cool then not using them very much. I get lazy. I borrowed these old toy trucks from my sister-in-law and they sat for a week. Waiting. Lonely. Knowing there was a boy in the house but confused as why he was not playing with them.

Meanwhile, I was there, hiding the trucks from his sight in fear that he would break them. All the while I knew he would find them eventually. I was going to photograph them first, but could not think what I wanted to do. Then I knew.

Lenses. Lonely. Waiting for someone to play with them. Hidden from sight so my son would not get them and out of reach for my lazy bum to use. Eventually the two lonely groups found each other, in my hands. Now they are happy, my son is busy discovering new ways to play with old toys...and so am I.

I love my macro, my lensbaby optics, & all the cute moments they capture!


Theresa said...

These photos are absolutely gorgeous!

Teresa said... those trucks! These photos are awesome..I wish I had a lensbaby and macro, I just love the effect! Love your blog!