Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I refuse to let go! I won't do it! I WON"T!!!!!

What???? Say goodbye to summer already???? I thought I was preparing myself well enough, but after my first official day back at work, discovering I was going to have the drama teacher's schedule from hell, I just about walked out & went to the beach. But I have bills to pay. And, ok, I guess I have some pretty cool people to work with, so I'll hang around & give it a try, but I won't let go of summer! On my way home, in the Texas sized thunderstorm, I witnessed a pretty bad 5 car wreck. That did it for me. Once again I found myself thinking I need to grab every precious moment I can while I can. I walked in the house, found my son's little blue rain boots, dressed him, grabbed the umbrella, & we went out & played in the rain together. What fun we had, & suddenly work was a world (or should I say a winter) away!

I had a dream the night before...more like a nightmare. I found myself caged in by large, thick, sticky spiderwebs & several little spiders. I was struggling to get out, much like Frodo (that's a Lord of the Rings reference) but I woke before I got free. I spent the day feeling awful about it, then after we had our afternoon in the rain it all clicked.

I had a choice. I could either lay down & let the webs completely engulf me, or I could get up & rip my way out of the mess I was in. I knew I could do it. I heard myself say it's really not that hard, you will get out of this! Day two at work, sitting listening to a guest speaker our boss brought in to motivate us before the 3000+ teenagers enter the school next week was my day today. How many different ways can we yawn? I'd be far more motivated if they would fix my schedule. But those spiders won't leave so I must break out of the web and play in the rain if I am going to succeed in the classroom... & the soul! How do I feel about it?



Teresa said...

Bring it on indeed..glad you are embracing it! Looks like you had fun playing in the rain and making some fun memories with your son. He's adorable!

Beth Crocker said...

Thanks Teresa!

Megan H. said...

haha! love it! we had a great time too playing in the rain! I have pictures of my oldest playing the rain and those are some of my favorite, so I thought I better get out there with the littlest and have fun playing in the rain. We also went on a bike ride that day...my oldest calls it "puddle jumping"...he was soaked when we got home! Such good memories though.

Wren said...

haha i was totally gonna say something like "HEY you should have grabbed Sting. You would have been set!!"

So when work threatens to pull ya down, just whip out Sting and you'll get through it.