Thursday, August 12, 2010

Saying goodbye to Summer

Today I am officially closing out my last few days of summer. With loads of stuff I never got done, I can still say I had a good summer. I had quality time with those who are most dear to me. This week I spent a few hours at the local pool w/ a friend & her son.

Zina was a drama student of mine during her four years of High School. I have enjoyed her continued friendship over the years (14 & counting) and I think it's safe to say I had another wonderful day wit da sistas in da hood!

Our boys are close in age so it was fun for them and a break for us. They enjoyed each others companionship, sometimes sharing,

sometimes not,

 sometimes laughing,

 sometimes not. 
It was a good day and refreshing charge for me before going to work next week.

Today, like most Tuesdays & Thursdays this summer I spent a few hours at rehearsals for the 1st show of the new school year. We are doing Les Miserables. What a beautiful and inspiring story! I have yet to hear the music or see an image without being moved to my very soul. 

Our cast is young, but wow what voices! It blows my mind. 

I look forward to capturing some beautiful moments in my camera to share with everyone. These are my first set of rehearsal shots. They are going over the songs they've learned. 

John Branch & his wonderful assistant Anita, are working wonders. 

Soon it will be my turn to contribute. I hope I do as well as they have! 

If you are in the Houston area the first of October, or the next weekend, come see the show! I might even offer a discount to those who are following my blog so keep your eyes out for info on that!

And now I shall close with an image I photographed at the pool. It reminds me of the school year & ever-mounting work loads creeping up on me as I try to enjoy these last days of summer.

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