Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Drive Through Texas

After sitting on the couch waiting for the husband to get all his stuff done & falling about 5 hours behind schedule (nothing new) we finally hit the road to visit family in Corpus Christi for the weekend. The drive from our part of Houston to CC is not so bad. The Texas scenery is ever changing and very telling. The afternoon rain cools off the heat, the Texas sized sun (OK, it seems bigger in Texas) makes beautiful double rainbows,

and the bright moon illuminates great hidden treasures telling of a rich Texas history.

Pictures of the day at the beach, North Padre Island, will be posted in the next blog...maybe today, maybe not. We are headed back to Houston in a short while (already falling behind the schedule of course) to catch Robert Plant in concert. Do you think I can sneak in my camera????


Lori said...

GEORGOUS!! You have such talent!

Theresa said...

Beautiful photos Beth! Hope you had a wonderful weekend in CC! Big hugs!