Saturday, July 17, 2010

An evening at my house...

Now that we are back from vacation and things are starting to settle into a routine everything is...well...CRAZY! David's toys are scattered everywhere, with such density that walking through the living room is like a military obstacle course. Anyone with claustrophobia should stay away. David has a new scooter that required way more skill than I ever dreamt & after a few skinned & bloody knees outside I gave the OK for inside training, but he has managed to pick it up with ease and the living room.

Meanwhile, the dog is harassing the cats, begging for scraps from anything we are preparing in the kitchen, and when David is taking breaks from his self-taught scooter lessons he is running around tagging us yelling "You can't catch me!" then running to the bathroom to lock himself in. Why can't he ever figure out how to UNLOCK himself out?

Then he's back to the scooter, yelling "mommy! Take pictures of me!" That is in itself a rarity since he is usually refusing to let me take his picture. He finds it fun to try to run over my toes & I suppose has figured out that if I'm taking his picture I will be within run-over distance.

But eventually he wears us all down then wears out himself and we all tuck unto our snuggly late night routine with Nick Jr's Upside Down Show, the internet, soft pillows, sleeping cats & a snoring dog.

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