Sunday, July 4, 2010

Camping with the Animals...and I'm NOT talking wild life!

I'm vacationing in the beautiful state of Washington. My family is spread around the Sound: Port Orchard, Bremerton, Seattle, etc... By some not-so-small miracle we came across one final camping spot opening up & grabbed it up quickly. Illahee State Park is nestled snuggly in the forest on the coast with a wonderful beach, dock, camping area. Everything was going well until suddenly at about 3 am we began hearing the sound of the campers next to us fighting. He was hitting her & yelling at her about something he apparently gave her earlier & wanted back. She (we think it was a she, but her voice was a bit deceiving)  insisted that she did not have it & kept yelling back at him to leave her "the f*#k alone" & "Get the f*#k out". He kept hitting, she kept yelling, & the whole campground woke. Two people slept through it, my son & one camper near by who was snoring as loudly as they were yelling. Eventually the security came & got them under control but had to call the police.

Soon enough we snuggled back into our beds in the quiet dark of the night only to be forced to listen to the sounds of yet another couple across the way, only they were NOT fighting. They were not fighting VERY LOUDLY. The first couple began fighting again, the second couple was getting after it their own romantic way, and the snorer was lost in his dreams of nasal deprivation. And my sweet four year old kept on sleeping...or so I thought!

The next morning the police came by the camp site of the first couple & my son, who was awake & playing by our morning fire began throwing rocks at the other camp site while yelling "Get the f*#k out!" I was stunned! I told him to stop talking like because nice people don't talk to each other that way & he kept yelling at them.

I thought I was taking my little guy out to have an experience with nature... & he sure got it!


Beth Crocker said...

I think it was the woman/wife hitting the man/husband.

Beth Crocker said...

that comment above was from my twin, Marie. Not me :)

Georgia said...

What a story! Now you know why you found an empty spot!! Your photography is wonderful!!

Beth Crocker said...

Yes, that crossed my mind. ...and thanks for the compliment!