Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tuesday's Toys & Growing Up

Well OK, so I don't do Tuesday's Toys as often as I would like (I know, it's not even Tuesday today!). It requires silly time. I have found in recent days that if it's not one thing it's ten others. Dealing with the issues of every day life in the real world can sometimes be a menace. My little guy wants nothing more in the world than to have his mommy or daddy get on the floor and play with him. All day, every day. Don't stop to eat. Don't stop to sleep. No paying bills, or cleaning house, or going shopping, or mowing the yard. Just "play with me mommy". Sometimes, after repeated refusals w/ explanations that I have to work, I look up from my laptop & find him sitting solemnly amongst his toys. Sad & lonely. No one to play with. The guilt is unbearable and I cave. Other times I find him busily playing some make-believe story inspired by his latest favorite tv show and I allow myself to be content that he is developing self-sufficient skills. His pit of energy is bottomless and his source of comfort comes in two small, soft, huggable toys. One is Blue the dog, and the other is a bear head on a snuggly little blanket we call "huggie".  Huggie goes everywhere with us. On one occassion, after forgetting huggie before going to a birthday party (a relatively new experience for this pre-schooler) he had a melt down but manned-up in time to go on to the party without his huggie. On the drive home I made sure I praised his courage and success at the party without huggie & he very eloquently explained that huggie helps him to not be afraid when he goes to school and other places but now he knows he won't have to turn around to get it when he forgets.

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