Monday, July 19, 2010

"I wanna be a library!"

My oldest daughter, Cheyenne, once said at the ripe old age of three that she wanted to be a library. What she meant was that she wanted to be a librarian. You see, each week her preschool class would get to check out a book at the library & return it for another one the next week. About a month later Cheyenne passed unexpectedly.

Today I have been sitting on the couch working on my laptop (creating a new website for my photography business) while David, my youngest, now 4, watches Little Bill on Nick Jr. Suddenly I found myself staring at the TV as little Bill expressed his love of the new book he got at the library & how he did not want to return it. My heart skipped a beat. The sadness he felt at the thought of being separated from the book that he loved so much was very familiar to me. Then Cheyenne appeared in my heart as Bill hugged his book to his chest saying he didn't want to give it back because he loved it so much. The librarian explained (to both of us) that that is the wonderful thing about libraries. You can enjoy a book for a while, then when it is time to return it you can get another one that you will love just as much. After recovering from the shock, I silently send a hug and a thank-you to my little library.

These are the books that we got to borrow for a short while: Cheyenne is the blonde, & Emily is the brunette. We are currently enjoying the book David.


jillofallcrafttrades said...

oh beth,my heart goes out to you,i commend you for finding the strength to share such a beautifully personal story with your readers.You have a beautiful soul,and i am glad god chose you to guide and love these angels,if only for far too short a time

Lori said...

God Bless you Beth and thank you for reminding us that we all need to hug our "library" lest they close way too early!