Sunday, February 27, 2011

Who am I?

I have been participating in a flickr group called Focus 52, a picture a week for a year. Jan from twoscoopz is amazing at managing such an active group! This week our optional prompt was "You". We were to try creating an image of who we are. If someone were to describe me I'd guess the first thing out of their mouth would be "always busy". They might also say "strong", only because I have survived the death of two of my three children. Oddly enough, I chose to post an image of a muffin. OK, it's really my son holding a muffin for the camera while he kisses me in the background. I went with it because when I ask myself "Who am I?" the word mom comes to mind first. I am a mom of three, not one. I still have my daughters in my heart, my mind, & my soul, every waking moment. While trying to decide what to share in this long overdue post I thought I'd take that prompt & go with it. So, by my own definition, not others, this is who I am:

I am a woman.

I am an identical twin.

I am a wife. WOW, that's an OLD picture of us!

I am a mom.

I am a free spirit (OK, I try to be)

I am a bereaved parent.

I am a high school drama teacher & theatre director.

I am photographer.
I am a scrap-booker.

Now, my question is this: Who are YOU???? Share with me how you define yourself, add your links to your blogs, facebboks, flickr, etc... & I PROMISE I will visit you there!


Jan @twoscoopz said...

You forgot, amazing :)
Excellent post. I enjoyed every minute of it.
I always love your theatre shots. You seem so happy and in your element there.
and my heart always hurts at the mention of your girls.
You are strong, woman. No doubt about that.

PS - You HAVE all my links. LOL ;)

Megan H. said...

LOVED this. Truly enjoyed reading it and learing who YOU are. I will do my best to do a smiliar post :) but I don't think I have nearly as many wonderful pictures of things I do ☺

Beth Crocker said...

Thanks ladies! As for the blog hop, I've been so ready & excited to start, & today hit me like a ton of bricks, now it's gone. I'm not totally resolved to quit yet though!

Jillsy Girl said...

So nice to meet you Beth. You are a multi-talented woman! I am so sorry to read about your girls. Hugs.