Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Passing on the love

Jan 31st, I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award from Tammy Lee Bradley in her Bliss & Folly blog. It has been nearly two weeks, so I am way over due passing the love forward but I am glad to say I am ready to do it. I spent much of that time pouring over blogs and even the Facebook Notes of a friend and have found my 15 favorite blogs to share with you.

But first I have some rules to include as they were for me.

*Link back to me as the person who gave you the award.  
*Share seven statements about yourself.
*Award fifteen bloggers.

Now for the seven statements about me:
1. I am an identical twin. 2. I love chocolate to the point that I swear I can live off it. 3. I am a twice bereaved mom. 4. I have a Masters of Fine Arts degree with a specialization in Costume Design. 5. I love to travel but don't get the opportunities as often as I'd like. 6. I teach high school theatre. 7. And I am obsessed with Lord of the Rings, LOST, and Star Trek.

Now for the best part. My 15 picks for the Stylish Blogger Award...

Diary of a Mad Fat Woman, by Julianna Wathen is the most inspiring and humorous blog I've ever read....and it's actually not yet a formal blog. Julianna is writing in Facebook Notes & soon to transfer to an official blog. Stay tuned for the announcement when she is up & running.
Little Blue Chairs by Laurie is a major source of my inspiration. She is redoing her house one project at a time and following her before and after shots along with how she does the work is what gets me going on my own home projects.
The Creativity Bug appeals to the crafter in my soul. I love scrapbooking & Sue & Sandy provide great tips and tricks to make crafting even more exciting!
It's a Darn Good Life is simply yummy! Megan's photos are like chocolate for me eyes...so yummy!
Fabienne's brilliant art work with paper crafts & scrap books simply takes my breath away. I adore her work & I'm even learning a little french as I read!
The Mortal Muses are a group of artistic ladies who collaborate on their blog and invite creative input and guest contributors to participate with them. It has been an honor to be chosen as a contributor, and they have the most inspiring work among them.
Shadowhouse Creations, by Jerry is the most amazing resource for PS work. He is creative & generous beyond comprehension. I love everything he offers.
The Coffeeshop Blog is another great source for free downloads & tutorials. Rita is a sweet & creative source of strength. I love reading her blogs, and following her help. It was Rita who helped me create this blog design!
I started participating in a Focus 52 project over at Two Scoopz with Jan. We have quite a talented group & you can join in anytime. Check out what it's all about, It's great fun!
Arlene Harris is a wonderful photographer. I love her blog, Walk With Me On This Journey for the beautiful & very personal images she shares. I find great inspiration in how I live my everyday life there.
The Inspiration Studio, by Kim Klassen is amazing. I love how she turns her photos into such beautiful art. I love the way she shows us where she gets her inspiration and how we can find our own.
At Kat Eye View the reader is invited to share their own images on her blog topic in each post. I love her eye and the world, and her way of taking me to Europe through her images.
For the scrapper in me I love my friend Emily's blog, Through Emily's Eyes. Her paper crafts, great photos, and wonderful sense of humor warms my heart. Go Pink Ninja!
Judy and her AMAZING social networking blog over at Simply Scrapping & Crafts is an entire world of everything you need to know, want to , don't know you know, and even more! SHe has a shop for supplies, tutorials, participation posts & networking opportunities.
And last but certainly not least, Susan, at Mac Thoughts is a brilliant artist trained in traditional film imagery and classic style cameras. She has an incredible way of sharing her city, NY. 

I hope you all find time to brows through these great blogs, full of inspiration for the soul. Be sure to leave them a note & tell them I sent you. And finally, thanks again to TammyLee Bradley at Bliss & Folly for the award, & I am sorry it took so long to Pass the love forward. 


Kat Sloma said...

Beth, thank you so much for the blog love for me and for Mortal Muses! You have created such a wonderful list, it's an honor to be included. I love the last image in your post, that walkway is just gorgeous. I hope to see you tomorrow for the next Exploring with a Camera!

Megan H. said...

Thanks for the blog love!! I love this list and many of these I follow as well!! I will pass on the love :)

Arlene said...

Oh wow, thanks so much!!! I was having a not so great morning and you turned it around with your kind words. Can't wait to look through your list and pass on the love!

Jan said...

Thanks for including me, Beth!
It's quite an impressive list. I'm flattered!

Laurie said...

Beth- Thank you for the award! I am honored. I will be checking out all the others as well.

big hugs
Laurie @ Little Blue Chairs

sMacThoughts said...

OH my gosh, first, thank you, thank you, Beth!! Second, bear with me as I figure out who I'd like to pass this on to, and also think of some interesting factoids about myself!!

Anonymous said...

looks like a great list of blogs!