Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sneak A Peak From Yesterday!

 I got to start my weekend off with a photo shoot in the most beautiful home, with the most beautiful two young women (mom & daughter), and their stunningly beautiful two great danes! Take a look & leave some love if you like what you see. I love the feedback!
 A hint of Miss Millie. What a sweetheart she was!

 Meet Mr. Mojo. Nothing more than a totally gentle giant.

 These black & whites were actually salvaged from overexposed color shots. I love what b&w can do to bring out the dramatic qualities of an image!

 Young miss "N" is an actress and singer. We created a few possible headshots but I want to go back & do more before she picks one.


amazey said...

So gorgeous!!!

Jan said...

Gorgeous shots and what a beautiful home!

hootnonny said...

Stunnin portraits! Looks like natural light was bathing the home!

Nancy said...

i love great danes. i've always wanted one, the funny thing about that is, i have a five pound chihuahua! not quite sure what happened there. beautiful portraits, (i wish i could do that), i never know what to do with people, i'm good for one shot and that's it! your work is fabulous!

einparis said...

I love the b/w shots. beautiful as usual, beth. I am really happy w/what you've done. I knew it. ;-) Thank you so much. (crying) she is turning out like I thought she would. ;-) (miss N)