Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crafty BIrthday!

Today is my birthday...I feel more comfortable saying OUR birthday. I am an identical twin. Life has always been plural to me. My sister is 2500 miles away & two hours behind me, so at midnight my time I was a year older than she for two hours...hehehe! It gets pretty wet & cold where she lives so I made her a pink fuzzy hat & scarf. I had to play with them first though!

Since our day falls one day before Valentine's Day I often overlook the fun craft opportunities as a mom and wife. Our new house & my bigger craft room offers the chance to decorate & do that crafty valentine's thing. The only problem is that I have a BOY. I'm lucky to get him in the craft room for 15 minutes. I can get him to paint or glue, but not decorate. I decided to utilize his love of trains & dinos as a way of getting him more involved in the artistic side of his genetic gifts. It worked.

But there is still that hole. That empty place once filled by my two sweet girls who lived for only a short time in their physical forms. I miss the pink. I miss the girly girl stuff. I miss them. The awareness in the back of my mind that one week from now, one week from a very happy time of birthdays and love, is a time of darkness & sadness as we embrace yet another anniversary of Emily's passing. But that will be another blog.

This year, as we crafted valentine's, I kept their pictures close by & imagined I was playing with them & making them sweet pink surprises. It helps a little. It gets me through. My boy does the rest. The pink dino mobile was a success, as was the heart banner he helped me make. We hung it on the banister at the top of the stairs. Now....time to make the cookies!


amazey said...

Happy Birthday! Love the hat and scarf. It looks so soft! Happy Valentine's day!!
So sorry for your loss...

Beth Crocker said...

Thank you!

Kyria said...

I love the hat! My mom is a twin. It is a special thing!!! Happy Birthday!