Friday, February 4, 2011

Did someone say snow???

 Getting Houston all excited about a few inches of snow then not delivering is just plain mean. We get it so rarely. I spend every winter drooling over everyone stunning winter photography and feeling so left out. Oh, I know it can really suck too. Oh I know it gets old, not just cold. I was born in Wyoming.

 I shot these images last weekend, in our beautiful 70 degree temperatures. Then I spent all week planning my photos for this weekend....the weekend we were guaranteed to get up to 4 inches of snow! OK, I knew it would not be as much as they said, but how many times can they say "Everyone within our viewing area will get some snow"?

 I produce high school theatre (for those of you who are new to my blog) & the school canceled two of our last three performances, costing a huge amount of money. I'm cool with the schools closing, but WHERE'S THE SNOW?????

 For all the photographic plans I had, my son had more! He made a list of thngs he was going to do at this park around the corner from our house. He was going to use a sled, make snow angels, build a snow man, and catch flakes on his tongue.

 So now guess who's trying to comfort whom? There is nothing so humbling as a four year old trying to comfort his middle-aged mom when they missed out on the snow! It really puts things in perspective.

 So while shooting last weekend I played with my fisheye lens,
 and my lensbaby composer lenses,

and my macro lens.

Maybe today I will still take D2 to the park & we will photograph the tiny ice cycles with my fun lenses. Our nephew, Toby & his girlfriend Val with her daughter Jalisa joined us last week & I bet they will join us again...especially since I have butterfly wings for Jalisa to wear!

 I'm not giving up hope just yet. Perhaps the snow will arrive before the warmth returns. Send your snow vibes my way and I will share the results soon!


Jan @twoscoopz said...

Girl? I'd give you all of our snow in a heartbeat!!!
LESS than a heartbeat!
Seriously, after Christmas, I just want it to go away. Brrr ...

Love your weekend shots though! I'm warm just looking at them!

Beth Crocker said...

Thanks Jan! I think the post office is open tomorrow. hehehe!

sMacThoughts said...

Darn! I feel for you, Beth... You know I love my wintery Winters! Here's hoping you get a bit of it before Spring is officially here. It can happen. Meanwhile whether snow or mild weather, your photos are so great to see! :)

Beth Crocker said...

Thanks Susan!

Anonymous said...

pretty (and warm lookins) shots... maybe you could drive somewhere there's snow!! Seriously, it's almost always the opposite of what the weatherman says!

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel! I'm in Austin and went to bed thinking the weathermen had lied again, but I'm grateful to say we woke to snow! I hope you get yours before summer and the mosquitoes hit again (I grew up in Houston - I know...) These are beautiful photos, though! I'm envious of your lens collection!

Lynda said...

I'd happily trade you 70 degree weather for our snow!! :) Lovely photos!