Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brian Stokes Mitchell

 Well, I know to many this is redundant. I've been talking a bit more than usual about getting to meet Brian Stokes Mitchell. I am ashamed to admit it, but before this workshop I was not sure who he was. Yes, I am a theatre teacher. Yes, I keep up with the shows on Broadway (OK, I try to), but the truth is that I am so wrapped up in keeping my head above water in my own immediate life that I don't get out much.
Hence the need for annual educator conventions! Each year at this time all the theatre educators in Texas gather for workshops to help us stay on top of the game. My friend Ruth gave my son an adorable children's alphabet book that uses theatre & Broadway to teach the alphabet. In the back of the book is a cd. One day I put that cd my player & out came this amazing voice! Imagine Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Jim Nabors all in one voice...that's Brian Stokes Mitchell.
 Months later, another friend, Chuck Wagner, talked me into going to his workshop while we were at the annual conference. To say he was inspiring would be an understatement. Brian spoke through performance, teaching the teachers how to teach. He made me feel proud of what I do all day, proud of the arts, and most of all (as subtle as his comments were) proud of my spirituality.
 He spoke of touching lives, being blessed, finding the passion, and recognizing the humanity in everything we do as artists, as teachers, and as human beings.
 He sang.
 Oh how he sang!

And when he was done I was inspired. Because Chuck has an impressive Broadway resume of his own & they know each other, I was blessed one more time before the workshop ended when Chuck introduced me to Brian!

One final note: Does anyone else think he should go on SNL & do an Obama impersonation?

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Emily said...

That's funny that you said the Obama thing... I was just thinking that as I was looking through the photos!! What a great opportunity for you... I'm so happy you got to meet him as well!