Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yummy Hats???

I'm not addicted, but I sure do love Pinterest. I'm not a cook, but I sure do love baking yummy things. I am a costume designer, but I don't wear hats... ok, on rare occasion. I found a pin that tells how to make bowls with cookie dough! Like I said, I'm not a cook... I didn't want to bother making the dough from scratch, so I used a box-dough & followed the instructions in the pin to place the dough on an upside down muffin pan.

In the oven the dough began melting & separating from the top section, but when it baked it fluffed up & filled in the gaps for the most part. However, rather than making bowl shaped cookies, it created a brim when melting down, and when baked it resulted in a cookie with a hat shape! My son loved that.

So the only thing to do next was to fill the cookie hat with ice-cream & eat! Yummy hats!

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