Sunday, September 16, 2012

Apple Dips!

OK, here is another dessert or snack. It's not from Pinterest, just from my head, so I'm sure there will be variations...

Cut an apple in squares & give each apple square a toothpick or stick of some type.
Dip them in carmel, then melted chocolate. I used candy I wanted eaten in a hurry. I melted it in a mini crock pot, but true bakers chocolate would have been far smoother. You might want to let each layer cool first, or let them mix together when dipping while the layers are still warm. I added almonds in the melted carmel & chocolate.

Eat warm or chill & eat later. Cute wrapping would make for great treats!

And as long as I'm sharing kitchen ideas, try this:
Make some extra dough when you make a pie & use cookie cutters to decorate the top of the pie. I like to glaze the pie crust with a little egg white, plus it helps the cutouts stick in place.

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Joe Jimmy said...

Mrs. Crocker that pie looks amazing....where do I get one!!