Sunday, August 26, 2012

Distractions are a good...SQUIRREL!

Distractions are a good thing. We laugh at the dogs in the movie UP every time they interrupt themselves over a squirrel, but seriously, is it so bad? Last week my friend & mentor died suddenly & we said goodbye to her last Tuesday. Last Tuesday was also the birthday of my oldest daughter, Cheyenne, & this Tuesday is the birthday of my next daughter, Emily. We have to celebrate their birthdays at the cemetery because that's where they are now...ok I know, their bodies are there, their spirits are everywhere. I'm used to it now, but what is new this year is that, had Cheyenne lived, she would be a senior in high school & I would be doing all those fun things with her like picking out her graduation invitations, shooting senior pictures, shopping for her prom dress, etc...

Since I am the head of the theatre program I run the theater, booking all the events in there. You know, events like senior assemblies to order graduation invitations, decorating for Prom, organizing senior spotlight night, awards night, etc... Let's just open the wound & pour salt in it all year!

I began the new school year last week, & students join us tomorrow. Luckily, I have some distractions that are as powerful as a squirrel. I get to teach a Shakespeare class (my passion), and I will be doing a one woman show in our drama club season (first time ever). I am excited about both, & nervous about one, just enough to keep me focused on them instead of on the things I WON'T get to do this year. Does it take away the pain? No, but it does help to dull it a bit, & for that I am grateful. Besides, after discovering that my niece who is majoring in English in college is about to graduate without having had one Shakespeare class, I think my class is more important than ever. I'm still blown away that Shakespeare is not a requirement for an English degree!

(former student Zach Lewis, far right, in the Houston Shakespeare Outreach performance of Romeo & Juliet)

So, for my sweet angel girls: Happy Birthday! You are my life, my heart, & my love for ever & ever. I adore you, respect you, and miss you. Give my friend Marilyn a big welcome home, & hug her for me.

Now bring on the ....SQUIRREL!

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