Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beware the Power of Prayer

    The power of prayer is a dangerous thing. What you are really doing is sending deep, heartfelt thoughts into the universe, into the source of energy that feeds our souls. This is a strange blog for me, but I have had trouble sleeping, and as a dear friend lies in a doctor-driven coma for another month I am painfully aware of the prayers people so freely promise to send.

    Let me preface the rest of this by saying that I am fully aware that there are those who really do feel fear of the negative turn life might take for the one in need & their prayers are so deeply genuine for the healing of that person that magic happens. True magic!

    You see... it is my feeling that many people, though some are unaware they do this, are actually thinking of the (dare I say) excitement of the drama unfolding around their otherwise mundane lives when they are sending up a prayer for someone in urgent need. It might be a crime victim, a disease ridden friend, or a sickly infant, but the genuinely thoughtful person doing the praying is really rubber-necking in traffic to get a closer look at the wreck on the road as he passes on his way to wherever he is going. Somehow being able to say to others "I prayed" makes them feel better I guess.

    People can often mistake "healing" as physical recovery too. They are genuinely feeling the compassion and the desire for recovery, but sometimes for healing to take place, the physical body must be left behind. Prayer is often selfish. We want them here with us, so we can hold them, see their smiles, hear their laughter. That was the case for me when I prayed for my daughters to live. They didn't, so I stopped praying. I never lost faith, I just stopped praying. What's point, right? I mean if it's the universal plan, the destiny, or whatever you want to call it, then it's going to over-ride us anyway, so why bother? That was what I thought for many years.

    Quoting from a favorite movie, Kingdom of Heaven, "God will decide, God always decides." I am reminded that we are not in control, thought we do still have free will to strive for better experiences and growth in our lives.

    We pray because it's in our human nature to fix things. To feel productive and helpful. If we don't, then after that need is gone - no matter the outcome, we have not truly participated in that life. I have seen individuals who truly feel the compassion and the desire to help those in need actually create miracles.

    So keep praying, keep sending your compassion & your desires for the betterment of the source of your prayers to whomever you call that which is the eternal source of energy which feeds our souls. Prayers truly are medicine for the soul.

But beware the power of prayer. You might just get what you ask for.

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