Saturday, July 7, 2012

My son wants a tea party????

Well, sort of. He gets inspired by things he sees on Nick Jr. He decided he wanted a tea party "with no rules!" So he began searching the pantry, the fridge, & who knows what else. He decided to have guacamole & chips, strawberries, lasagna, & drinks. He chose 7-up & the mug to drink from, I chose iced tea. Then we agreed that we should use all Aunt Re's pottery. My twin is an amazing ceramic artist, and once I grabbed my tea cup, I knew I had to have red wine instead of iced tea. We had quite an evening, full of food, laughter, & silly pictures. Now I am sold. Boys CAN have tea parties!

BTW: Marie, aka aunt Re, is going to have a great pottery sale July 21st in Bremerton, Washington. If you are anywhere in the pacific northwest that weekend, be sure to stop by her house for a piece from a successful & well know artist. She has been in galleries around the world, & published several times! Check out her work! Just click here & here.

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