Friday, October 29, 2010

Time traveling?

Every year I get to enjoy a fall tradition: The Texas Renaissance Festival. We don't get a great display of nature colors in this part of Texas, but we do have the best fall festival EVER! The Texas Renaissance Festival is a place where I can go to get away from the crazy whirlwind that is my life. I can get in touch with nature a bit & I can travel through time. Despite the name, it's more than the renaissance period. People come from all over dressed as all kinds of characters. It's OK to run into a fantasy character or someone from a different period of history, I loved the new Treebeard this year, but I am still coming to grips with the idea of running into a galactic warrior in a kilt! Some things just mess with my mind. ....but it's all good. My four year old surprised me this year with a strange new sense of courage: he insisted on riding the carousel, the camel, & the elephant! We enjoyed a nice ride on the carousel frog next to a beautiful young mom & her stunningly sweet little girl. My dear friend, Cory, joined us once again & his company always makes the days so much more enjoyable. The artisans, the performers, the music, the food...I wish I could live there! The mood is always fun & casual, the goal is simple: relax, enjoy the cooler weather of fall, and have a glass of mead! Forget today, go away... for a while anyway.


villa en espagne said...

Awesome one!!!!!
I like the capture and pictures.
Hope you had a great enjoy at Fall festival, Texas.

Bonnie said...

inspiring shots here - looks like everyone was having a fabulous time!