Sunday, November 7, 2010

The quilt show & a visit from the "other side".

I have been thinking about this blog for a week or so. I have had several things in my mind to say, but now I am blank. I could talk about the beautiful work I saw in these quilts, or how the International Quilt Show is one of Houston's greatest sources of income (I heard it is the single biggest source actually), or how the vendors are selling some really amazing stuff these days, but there is also something else to talk about. The visit I got from my daughters...whom I buried years ago.

We are moving. We are leaving the house we raised our two daughters in, the only house they ever knew. As I find myself feeling the pains of leaving those things that brought us bright moments during their lives, I also feel the joy of getting a new start & I know they would be so excited to share in this. Driving to the quilt show I could not get them off my mind. I began quilting when our 2nd daughter, Emily, was born so that I could have something to keep me occupied during the long days & nights of her nursing care that continued throughout her short life. I got to take her to the quilt show twice, & every time I go I feel her with me. 

This year, with the move & all the emotional things coming with it, I feel both of the girls so much more. As I paid for the parking I looked back at the space I drove into. Space #95. That means nothing to anyone who does not know my family, but for us it means everything. Our oldest daughter, Cheyenne, was a strong intuitive during her life. She continues to be so in her afterlife. She often uses references to her birthdate as her way of confirming to us that it is truly her. She was born '95, and 95 is the most common way she chooses to come through to us. I knew, as I stood out in the parking lot, that my girls were at the quilt show with me again this year. I also knew that they are happy with the move & excited for us. This is not just me wishing. I have enough of those moments & believe me there is a difference. There is no way to explain these things, you just KNOW.   ...and I was going to take a picture of the parking space # but I totally forgot in all my excitement of the wonderful day I was having!

So, as I walked around this HUGE exhibition of quilts, vendors, & great food, surrounded by thousands of strangers, knowing that I was looking very much alone to them, I knew I was not. My girls were with me & we had a great day!


Angela B. said...

Very touching story. I am so happy that you felt them with you on such a special place for you & your girls. The quilts are unlike any quilt I ever seen in my life! WOW!

April said...

The quilts are lovely! And that is lovely that you could feel your girls so close!

Jennifer said...

wow again, Beth. I do believe that they were with you and signs are everywhere you just have to open your eyes and be aware. I find this happens to me a ll the time especially when I need my mom the most. She's there. I know she is. What a relief to actually hear someone else say it though. It confirms for me what I knew to be true all along. Thanks for sharing such a touching moment.