Sunday, October 10, 2010

Opening gifts & closing nights...

I started off my Saturday at a baby shower for our cousin Rhiannon. Her little guy is due in December and the party was a refreshing change from my recent weeks of heavy overtime at work producing the musical. She has a beautiful house, and her friends made a wonderful fall party atmosphere. 

Rhiannon chose a nautical theme for the baby room, and it is adorable!

The food was excellent, the company was enjoyable, the gifts were splendid, and the day was off to a great start!

I moved from that refreshing afternoon full of hope and excitement to a very satisfying evening with my drama students as we gave the final performance of our musical, Les Miserables. The traditions of closing night include the crowning of the new freshmen girls as the "Freshmen Princesses" by the junior girls. Watching this sweet and crazy moment before we began the show was a delight.

Another tradition, every night before we raise the curtain, is to circle up in the actor's waiting room where I give my director's pep talk, and we take our moment of personal spiritual reflection. The rule that MUST be adhered to at all times is to hold hands with the right arm over the left one. Call it superstition, but we performers can rival the baseball players of the world when it comes to superstitions and traditions!

Finally, as we say goodbye to our final audience for this show, take our bows, and tear down the set we are already thinking of two things: the cast party & the next show!

We took the cast photo, missing a few members of the company, we began "strike" (taking down the set), and we said goodbye to Les Miserables.

Like I said, when one door closes, another opens!

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