Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lemons from Heaven?

This is a short post as an addition to the one just posted about the dove... Continuing the topic of the mysteries of death I felt compelled to tell the story of Cheyenne's visit during the first Christmas after she passed.

My parents had a dwarf lemon tree they took with them everywhere they lived for over 50 years. It lived in a pot so it was easily transported. As the years rolled by, my parents began a tradition of letting one of their children pick the lemon off the tree each Christmas. The tree only produced a few lemons each year, I never saw any more than 3, & we would pick them and make hot lemonade on Christmas Eve as we decorated the tree together. The tree may have been small, but the lemons were HUGE! As long as I can remember we kids took turns picking the lemon each year.

We all grew up, left home, started our own families, & then it was for our children to continue the tradition. Each year, the grandchildren of my parents would take their turn. When Cheyenne was 3 it was her turn. We all celebrated the exciting event, taking pictures of the picking like a bunch of paparazzi around a child star. In fact we made such a big deal about it that year (for her I guess) that we forgot to make the lemonade!

Three months later (I know, the number 3 again) Cheyenne passed. The next Christmas, 9 months after she passed, my brother, his wife, and two kids were home for the holidays so they got to do the picking. That first Christmas was hard (duh), but we all lifted our chins and faced it full on. We went outside to the lemon tree with our cameras, & as I was focusing the shot, getting ready to snap, I heard my husband behind me suddenly say "Oh my God!" "What?" "There are 9 lemons on the tree!"   ...Cheyenne is the 9th grandchild.

Did I tell you that I don't believe in coincidence? EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

Happy 16th birthday my little rainbow! I love you & miss you.


Emily said...

I believe like you that all happens for a reason... it was a sign. I love that! Happy birthday to your beautiful Angel.

Beth Crocker said...

Thanks Emily! I hope you are well!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Oh, goodness! I got a chill as I read the end. What a cool family tradition!!

anh nguyen said...

i don't know what to say ... your blog touch my heart .... thank you miss