Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We have WINNERS!!!

Congrats to both Brenda & Christina for being my 50th followers (I don't know who joined first)! I had planned on giving two winners a print, thinking one could go to a current follower who brought me a new follower, but these two came via my own mouth, so they are the two! I'm waiting to hear back from Brenda as to what print she has chosen, but Christina will be getting these sunflowers. She said she wants to hang the print in her office. Yea! Congrats again to both ladies & welcome to everyone who has been following my blog. Please feel free to share the love we have here on your own blogs & anywhere else.


Brenda said...

Hi Beth, The picture is from Flickr on page 4 Now it's moved..on the left side under basking in the glory.
Did I choose from the right place?
Thanks again,

Beth Crocker said...

OK Brenda, now I got it. I forgot that I even named any like that! There are two named Beautiful Blue Bokeh, but I assume you want the horizontal one because it's the one under the Basking in Glory shot.

chris murphy said...

pretty flowers

rudyalanis70 said...

i <3 dandilions... i gave one to veronica once.. then she broke mi heart </3 :'(