Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I've got so much going on...that's a good thing!

Well, it seems like ages since I have been here. I have been so busy with photo shoots, day job, family, & general stuff! My last post said as much & while the general stuff has changed, the issue of being busy is still there. I'm tired & feeling numb because I just bought a new Macbook Pro! It's the big one, 500 gigs. I am overwhelmed thinking of what I need to do to get familiar with it. I have started the task oflearning my way around this new tool & at the moment I think sleep will be a very good thing.

Good night for now my wonderful friends & followers! I look forward to waking & reading any advice you Mac veterans might have for me so bring it on :)


Megan H. said...

Those are fun pictures!! I love the post processing!

Beth Crocker said...

Thanks Megan!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Hi Beth: I just scrolled my way through a bit of your blog and love your way with a lens and a subject!!

Thank you for your moving comment on my blog today. I was so touched.