Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Dead Bird Day

Ever have one of those days when you are stoked over a great idea or something & as you are working your way through it something happens that you can't take back? This is my symbolic example to make my point, but it was not staged, it really happend!

I began this week participating in a 15 day shoot of one object. It's a photo challenge on Cafe Mom with other photographers. Just three days into it, after taking the Day 3 shot, I was playing around for other back up shots & the bird fell & broke! NOW WHAT???? Well, obviously my sicko side had to photograph the poor little thing in all its torment. Today I began the long road to recovery with this little guy & we have had our glue surgery & he is close to good as new. Now I just have to work on shots that hide the scars!

day 1:

day 2:

day 3:



kevin said...

a picture is truly worth a thousad an 1 words. but the feeling is muial thats why we have friends family and the abillity to network.

chris murphy said...

aww i was looking through the pictures and i was like, "aw its cute, lol look at the little birdie, hey now he looks like that blind piano guy that noone really knows about even though they made a movie about him.... omg he died how sad lol"

rudyalanis70 said...

ohh noo the birdie broke his leg in that last one :(.. animal cruelty?