Monday, May 24, 2010

My LOST Tribute, Yes, I'm a "Lostie"

What a crazy week! It seems like I say that every time I'm posting something new. It's the end of another school year, my theatre program is filled with social events & the awards banquet, all the same weekend LOST was coming to an end. I am a LOST fan. I am a hard-core Lostie. My wonderful husband willingly took our son for the entire day & evening while I ran off to play with fellow losties at the Alamo Draft House. We enjoyed previous episodes, a recap of the series, then the amazing final episode, all on a big film screen. I have decided to make my Bench Monday shot a tribute to LOST. The entire LOST team of writers, actors, tech crews, etc... have given me an escape each week for the last 6 years. It ended with a beautiful message that there is a greater power inside each of us that can never die. It is an internal connection to the whole, a place where we give & get forgiveness, love our enemies, and find a deeper understanding of who we are & why we are. Thank you LOST!!!


Chris Murphy said...

ok i know how many lost fans there are here but here me out...... I hated the last episode...... it basically cancled out all the kool twists and turns that the entire series relied on to be a succesfull series. In the end they were all dead anyway, stuck in some sort of limbo. So what were all the story plots for if it was all just going to fall apart in the end?

rudyalanis70 said...

never really got into this series.. i may watch it now though.