Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pieces of the Puzzle: Part 1, England

The more time passes the more things I do, & the things in the past become more of a piece to a puzzle & less of a major event. SOME things, however, remain major events. Since I don't blog as often ...ok hardly at all anymore, and I want to catch up (even though the few reading this probably already saw these in other network posts) so here are a few of the things I've been doing that are still main events and will be the defining memories of 2014 as the puzzle of life continues to complete itself.

In June we took 9 of my theatre students to England for some theatre work & self discovery of sorts. Man I love that place! I go every time I get a chance, but experiencing it through the eyes of young actors is the best!
 A couple of my students got to perform a scene from Taming of the Shrew for the public in Stratford.

 At the Globe in London we attended a workshop on acting

In the lobby of The Globe Theater the actors in the company were rehearsing for a show.

...and taking giggle breaks. 

My husband & I were so blessed to have such great students willing to hang out with our son.

Years ago, we took our oldest daughter to England a few times. I have some of my best memories in Bath, because of her. She passed away a few months after her last trip there, & I was anxious to return. When we arrived I was suddenly overwhelmed with the pain of her absence and could not face the tour. While one of my students took the role of leader for the tour, my husband took me with our son around the city to create new memories. Instead of remembering the pain of an empty heart that I felt that day, I remember the beautiful day and the great time we shared walking around. Bath Abby was a place I have never had a chance to enter, and my son would have nothing to do with it, but Joseph had finished his role as leader of the tour with his peers, so he went inside with me. It is so beautiful.


Poppies. Everywhere.

Street art.

Food that makes me laugh.

Attending another, very exciting & challenging workshop.

Just grabbing a moment with Duc. I love this guy!

Yep. It was actually as good as it looked in the window.

Another Duc moment. hehehe

My boys

One day after we left, Sir Patrick Stewart was here & posted a picture of himself with Yoda. Sometimes my timing really sucks! 

Westminster Abby

Windsor Castle

This show was SO GOOD!

Practicing panning with my camera.

Joseph ROCKS!

Lord Lawrence Olivier. My early inspiration. 

Actor on a break.

Up next... Australia!


donnardfini said...

Lights, camera, Action....such a great experience to birdseye your trip to the UK...and the heartfelt words adding even more depth.

julie s said...

you have such a good eye, and know just where to take the photo! uh, I know you had a great time! I love to see where you've been!