Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pieces of the Puzzle: Part 2, Australia

After a few weeks at home, I took my son to visit my brother & sis-in-law in Brisbane Australia. This is one beautiful city! I loved the way all the buildings were more like architectural art work. The modern feeling of an upscale life was enhanced with the gorgeous parks, paths, the river and all it offers, and the amazing churches. While it is a newly thriving city, there is an underlying feel for the history and the culture. These people respect nature. They have to, if they don't it will bite them in the butt!

My brother has a great view from their balcony!

Getting in some time with the quad-copter

The cliff across the water has a jogging path along the water, and rock climbing wall to the street level.

My brother, David, and his beautiful wife, Tory.


David Weichman said...

Amazing photos as always!

Beth Crocker said...

Thanks David!

julie s said...

well, that settles it...I want to come on your next vacation! I could plan it...etc. You take the photos! how totally beautiful. I wanna go to Australia!