Saturday, November 8, 2014

You're HOW old??? Rock On!!!

     It seems time is getting away from me faster and faster every day. SO much has happened in the blink of an eye. Since my last blog post I have buried a dear friend & co-worker, Angela Kinman, I have watched as two amazing former students find success in the entertainment business: Lindsey Morgan as Raven in The 100 on the CW, & Desmin Borges as Edgar in You're The Worst on FX, I watched my nephew get married, I took my theatre students to England, I took my son to Australia, and my husband took me to Vegas when I turned 50!!!!

    So where do I begin my meditation? What part of this incredible roller coaster of a journey do I focus on first? I am numb. My body is tired all the time, but my mind still wants so much.

    Since this is a photography blog, and I'm on my new computer which does not have the photos of most of these memories, I think I'll simply start with what I do have close at hand...

    I had the honor of photographing TWO Point Blank concerts, one in Houston, then in Austin. These guys still got it, after 40 years of rocking' the world! Among their hits are Mean To Your Queenie & Nicole. Those of you who were growing up in the 70's will remember that pretty much any baby girl born to the name Nicole has these guys to thank! People are shocked when they find out I'm 50, but seriously, the real amazement goes to Rusty Burns and the guys, who can pull out the late night rock-n-roll like they are still in their 20's! John's voice fills the absence of those members of the band who are no longer on Earth as if they are still singing along side him. Larry's keyboard-lovin' fingers bring down the house, Mouse plays the guitar like he's Rusty's twin, and with Kirk on bass & Greg on drums they are an amazing team, creating the foundation of the music and keeping the dance floor packed! Getting to shoot their shows was such a privilege, and I have been invited to continue doing so any time, any where... We are hoping for a summer in Europe in 2015, so if you hear they have a show in your area, be sure to see it! These guys are a blast from the past & age is irrelevant!

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Steven N. Crocker said...

GREAT Videos for the Age & Time of the Videos !!!!