Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dance Hall & Saloon, or just a Texas Style Man-Cave?

Nick & I had the honor of being included in the grand opening celebration of the 1836 Dance Hall & Saloon, a great big party room behind a friend's house. Dave Roberts & his beautiful wife Rose welcomed good friends to enjoy a night with TessieLou & the Shotguns Stars who were absolutely wonderful!

Everything in the 1836 has a story. From the Frio river pecan floors  to the black walnut bar. The old signs, the collectables, & in case you missed it, the huge Pearl Beer sign on stage.

As is the case with any good Texas Dance Hall, you must have dancing! ...and we did! My absolute favorite couple to watch dance together is Chay & Yvonne Turnbow, they move together with the kind of synchronicity that can only be found in years of love together. Everyone else managed to keep up just fine!

Dave is the author of Patriots of Treason, & he will be delivering more in the future. His passion for Texas, & his knowledge of the history are evident in the decor.

But there is more... there is always more...

Meet Lone Star the longhorn, died of old age...

 The "other styles" of wall decor..

look closely at the wallpaper... damask you say???

The stories, the introductions, & the laughs filled the Dance Hall.

 and let's not forget the fire pit!

It was a wonderful time with old friends, and many of the Band of Brothers were able to make it out.

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