Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bald Eagles. Lots and lots of Bald Eagles!

Not much to say, just sharing some images. Enjoy, & leave a comment letting me know what shots are your favorites & why.  

Babies stay with their parents a long time, & they don't get their white feathers til around 5 yrs old.

Exploring nature through photography is way more fun with my family. I still want to see the shots David got with his great lens! 

Marie, my twin, was our tour guide for the morning. She lives in the area & took us where we needed to be. She let us do the work, & I'm glad I turned to see what she was doing in time to catch this peaceful moment she was having.

"Oh crap. Here comes trouble."

"Hey now, there's enough for everyone."

"...oh. I guess they had something else in mind. They need to get a room."

"Give it up, Mr. Eagle. We have you surrounded." says the starfish.

The babies of the clan. Waiting for their white feathers to come in must be like a teen waiting for his drivers license to arrive.


cpm said...
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J Maino said...

Seriously??!! You want to know which is my favorite? When I saw the first, my thought was, "There can't be any better than this one!" Then, I saw the second. I thought, "Well, poop! This one IS better!" It kept going as I went from one picture to the next. Each one has it's own special qualities. I did love the one of the eagle with it's reflection in the water. And the one where it was playing with the electronic device. Oh... wait... That was Marie... This HAD to have been a wonderful experience! I'm sorry that D2 isn't old enough to have really enjoyed it. Maybe in a couple of years!!

Beth Crocker said...

Thanks Janice! D2 would have just tried chasing them or something. We actually went twice, the second time it was just Cory & me. these are a collection of what I got both days, but it's only about 1/3 of all that I got.