Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Life is never what we imagine...

This year's annual tip with my son to the pacific northwest included a trip to see whales in the wild, their natural habitat. This ain't no Sea World!

I decided to support what David was learning in school & encourage his new passion for whales & sharks. He, like most of us, prefers Orcas, & was so stoked to see them...

We saw two Minke whales. From a long way away. I used my 500 mm lens, scoped out to the fullest, to get these shots. He never saw them. We never saw any more that day.

We froze. We got soaked in the rain.

But he had fun. He had fun with his aunts & one (kinda) uncle. He had fun with the boat ride. He had fun exploring.

I was bummed. I had to settle for details of a boat ride. Light houses, sea lions & puffins.

You gotta admit, puffins are cute, & apparently have dwindled to only 12 couples left in this HUGE area. So we actually saw something even more rare than whales in the wild!

...and oh yeah, this bald eagle.

So I took my son out for another look a few days later. How is it that we could go to a place where it rains about 10 days a year (rain shadow they call it) & we managed to book our boat rides on a rainy day both times??? So, this is how my son passed most of the 4 hr tour on our second attempt. 

Then, three hours in, we saw humpbacks! Not Orcas, but cool all the same. At least I thought so. David was less thrilled & continued to sleep... I tried waking him, three times, but no luck. He slept... missed almost all the whales...almost. When he woke, he came up top just in time to catch this, right by the boat, no long lens needed. He didn't need every moment, just the best moment.

At that point it was time to return to shore. Dad picked us up & we three went camping. David had more fun than words or pictures could ever tell. ...and Dad had even more. 

Me? I got a wonderful two days away from my world of pain, depression, and continual efforts to stay joyful on a daily basis. I found beauty in the simplest things. 

The routines of daily life make us forget what matters. Having another chance to be a mom again, with all the work that comes with it, is a daily blessing, but it is the joy I relish in on these trips.

The occasional visitor, with all the demands of a trained soldier, was quite fun too!

 so, while THIS is what I had imagined (not my photo obviously)

THIS is what I got... 
...a good trade in my book!


Anonymous said...

My heart jumped with joy when I got to the picture of your son jumping. What a beautiful life lesson for all of us. Thank you for sharing.

Beth Crocker said...

I'm glad you got it, Donna, but them of course you would have! ;)

Beth Crocker said...

*then, stupid typos!

kent crocker said...

what a wonderful & memorable set you once again, eyed.
your talent & poetic description is fun-fun-fun

thanks for the share, Mam ;)