Friday, August 9, 2013

Shakespeare Meme!!!!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the work of William Shakespeare. I love the way he takes words & creates images, emotion, philosophy, and rhythm. But most of all I love performing it & watching others perform it. After all, isn't that what he intended? I found this little actor performing on Pinterest. This is not my meme, but wanted to share anyway.

Recently I found a free app for my phone called ShakeShare. The first time I found it & began reading all the memes created using his work, referencing his work, or just referencing the old bard himself, I laughed for HOURS. Literally!
  , "Literally"? I literally laughed about literature? That was a pun that I did not intend.
This is from Pinterest too.

Anyway, you can find the app here. It's really cool the way you can do things to create a more personalized meme for your use. You can also order paraphernalia from some of the memes, like t-shirts & stuff!

So, after hours of enjoyment, I began getting inspired to create my own Shakespeare memes using my own images. This not only gave me an opportunity to use some really beautiful shots from nature that I have collected, but I also got to revisit some old shots that I forgot I have. These memes might just be the beginning of an addiction! After all, I do have so many images to play with! I just needed an excuse  pull them out of the old digi files, & blow off the proverbial dust so they can breath again.

My memes are not so funny, but more inspirational in some cases, & in others just fit the image. I admit, I did not spend hours digging through the thousands of verses penned by the old man, but I did make decent use of the quotes that I got from ShakeShare.

Enjoy going through them! Let me know your favorites too!

One more thing: William Shakespeare is a bereaved parent too. He lost his 11 year old son. After his son passed, he wrote what I believe to be his four greatest tragedies. At a time in history when photography did not exist, no pictures to look at, no recording of his sweet son's voice, and only a painting for those rich enough to afford one, the pain and emptiness of living without his son must have been monstrous! I found this meme on Pinterest too. I understand totally.


emily ryan said...

These are all your photos?!! These are absolutely INCREDIBLE! Wow. Love this so much!

Beth Crocker said...

Thanks Emily! Yes, except for those few mentioned as being from Pinterest. Scroll through the archives & you will find lots of theatre images too!