Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We are half way through the run of our musical for this year at Jersey Village High School. As the director I get to do a lot of wonderful things, artistically speaking, and as a teacher I get to work with lots of wonderful young talent. The coolest part is, that we never know who will actually pursuer this field as a career and maybe one day become a household name. I often tell my students that we competed against Renee Zellweger in the One-Act Play competition during her high school years & still have the flier listing all the students' names, including hers. Joseph Kahn is a product of our program, prior to my arrival, and still visits, generously offering his wisdom in the business as a film & video director. Who knew back then what they would become...and maybe one of the kids in these pictures will be next.

As a photographer I get to shoot productions, honing my skills and providing free head shots & portfolio images for my students. I can tell you, after shooting theatrical production for years, that shooting weddings is no more challenging, maybe even easier, than live theatre! Speaking of weddings, I will be shooting two next month, among my scheduled sessions & look forward to the awesome fall weather for the location wedding, as well as the night shoot for the local wedding. Our next production at JVHS? To Kill A Mockingbird. Stay tuned to my blog for images from both! Enjoy these shots & leave a note to let me know you were here :)


urban muser said...

these are great shots. my father's wife is involved in the costuming and directing for some local high school musicals. i am always amazed at how talented the kids are!

Beth Crocker said...

I know, me too! Thanks for stopping by :)