Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Brides, Weddings, & Blessings From Heaven!

Well, it's been a while since I posted a blog. Sorry...did I say that last time too? Life gets in the way. This time life brought the nastiest flu virus the doc's office has ever seen. 7 to 10 days of recovery the nurse said.

My most recent weekend was filled with so many things that, as my late father in law would always say, "Burn your candle at both ends & your wick will sag."

Well guess what, my wick sagged. Then just plain fell off. The alarm for a day teaching high school kids went off at 5:15. After work I went straight to a rehearsal & dinner for a wedding I was shooting the next day, got home at about 10:30pm to discover my son had the stomach virus. I was up with him all night, showered, & went to shoot the wedding. I got home at 1 in the morning Sunday & got some sleep, finally. then I woke Sunday morning to, you guessed it, the stomach virus my son had.

While I work on the shots from the wedding I am going to post the shots from the bridal session I did a couple months ago with this weekend's bride, as well as some shots from a wedding I shot for my nephew two weeks ago.

The bridal shoot was a blast since we got to shoot in the old Heights Theater in Houston. Max Harrison has changed it into an amazing art gallery while preserving the history of this glorious building. He was very accommodating & generous to our needs as well. The bride wanted a vintage, old Hollywood look. I think we got it.

The wedding for my nephew & his beautiful bride was in New Braunfels, Texas. It rained & rained before the wedding...after 5 months of drought & wildfires it was hard to complain!

After the rain comes the rainbow! My nephew, and the rest of us, recently lost the patriarch of the family: my father in law. Going to the lake house, his lake house, without him was so hard. We also lost the groom's great grandmother, my husband's grandmother this summer, & our uncle before either of them. As my regular readers already know, my two daughters passed years ago, but here's the thing: as a child the groom, Toby, was particularly close to my oldest daughter, Cheyenne. We lovingly called her our rainbow. Because she was.

So what do you think happened? Just as the pastor announced the newlyweds at the end of the ceremony, a rainbow appeared in the sky over the lake right behind the altar! Everyone just burst out crying. The amazing sign from God that we are never alone. The amazing approval from the old man, his brother, & great grandma. And for me, most of all, the amazing hug it gave us from Cheyenne to Toby.

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Barbara said...

Beautiful photos! And I love how the rainbow came out (we live north of Austin, so I know exactly when that wedding took place! We need more rain!)