Sunday, September 11, 2011

Play rehearsals & Texas Wildfires

It's September. That means school (I teach), play rehearsals, and tight schedules. This year it also means another month of droughts, high temperatures, and costly wild fires in Texas. Across the state thousands of acres have been lost, homes burned, and lives taken. It will take years for our economy to get back where it was, which was not that great to begin with.

Meanwhile we get up every day, participating in our daily routines like nothing is going on...until we get that call to come help a loved one move their precious keepsakes before the fires reach them. We step outside to get the mail, or walk the dog, and there is an extra cloud in the air, a cloud that defies the natural order of things because it's red and smelly. It fills our lungs, activates our allergy issues, and keeps kids inside during recess.

This year we are producing Grease. Always a huge hit, and hopefully a good money-maker. The kids are great, talented, & fun to be with. They are also very compassionate and have been so sweet with their text messages of concern and understanding when my priorities shift away from them and onto my family during dad's need for help to escaper these fires.
For me the call came during rehearsal at work last week. Dad was told there was a voluntary evacuation & I ended rehearsals a bit early to head home, drop the boy at grandma's then drive north to help dad. The fire was maintained at a safe distance from him this last week, but still looms & slowly inching its way closer. So now we are continuing to pack & move more each day hoping that it's all for nothing. Too many people have not had that time. They have been told to get out immediately, not saving a thing, and watching as their homes burned to the ground. We count our blessing, pray for those less fortunate, and try to let others know what life in Texas is like this year.

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