Sunday, March 6, 2011

Planting seeds the fun way!

With spring beginning to show it's colors (or should I say seeds) D2 is loving the challenge of sending seeds into the air for more dandelions.

When I say challenge I mean it! He tried so hard I think he was going to pop.

He blew and blew. He took breaks, entertaining the idea of giving up, pulling off individual seeds to release them to the winds,

& even on occasion spitting his way to success (as all boys do).

Finally there was success! The promise of springtime is now planted in the winds of our future. I can sleep better tonight ;)


Jillsy Girl said...

adorable and wonderful shots!

Jan @twoscoopz said...

LOL! oh geez, some of these are just priceless. Made me giggle!
Your stills of the dandelion are just gorgeous.

hootnonny said...

Beautiful series of a boy and a dndelion! Images are truly gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

very fun shots! I love his puffy cheeks--working so hard :) You are ahead of us in the spring department... no weeds here yet!

Sandra Chetwynd said...

Great series!! Beautiful shots!