Sunday, March 6, 2011

Getting Older?!

D2 got his first ever set of real homework sent home with him. He's only 4! OK, almost 5. I was so proud of myself for making him sit at the breakfast table & finish his homework before he could go out to play with his friends. I have to admit, it was not to difficult. He enjoyed doing something that required my involvement. Between moments of guiding him through the work I shot a few pictures. I was just beginning to think he actually liked doing the three worksheets of writing and math but then as soon as his pencil left the paper for the last time he was out of his chair racing to the door & outside to play with his friends. I wonder if he even remembers what he did. Of course he does. He's getting older...and so am I!

And now...the explanation for the pink Barbie belongs to the neighbors little girl. He could not care less what it looks like. It's a car that goes. That's all he requires. So I guess real men DO wear pink!

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